Frequently Asked Questions

sales training keynote speaker

Q. How do I book Marty to speak at our event?

A. Great question. Email us at or call us at 919-961-3132 and we will work it out.

Q. Is there anything Marty can't do well?

A. Marty is still working on dunking a basketball. As of this writing he is unable to do that. But thanks for asking.

Q. What should my sales team expect upon hearing Marty?

A. Marty will evaluate your needs, your industry and tailor his speech to fire your team up. Your team will come out of a Marty event, educated, entertained and ready to sell more effectively.

Q, Are Marty's books any good?

A. Yes, they are funny, yet insightful and very easy to read. Could even be read in "the small room".

Q. How do I go about hiring Marty?

A. Fill out the Order Marty Form. It will be sent to us, and Marty will look into your company and give you a call. If there is a good fit, for what you are looking for. We can make a deal. Rest assured, Marty knows when a situation is not right for either party.

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